Promos I have created for CRTV, PokerGO, Back9 Network , Meredith Corporation and CNN. As Creative Director, I develop concepts, write scripts, design storyboards, create shot sheets and rundowns, colaborate with stakeholders, coordinate talent and technical, schedule facilities and voice talent, searach for music, film, edit, color correct and create motion graphics. I create campaigns for broadcast, social, web, VOD, SVOD and OTT distribution.

Ahmad Rashad- Viral Promo: This clip includes media reacrtion to my promo.

PokerGO Promo

The Turn- Teases

Tree Top Promo

Queen Mary Promo

Fareed Zakaria Promo

Better Show- Sizzle Reel

Your Bottom Line with Gerri Willis

Context In Crisis- CNN International

Isreal Decides Promo

CRTV Promo

Michelle Malkin Investigates Promo

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