Video by Carl Marxer

These are video podcasts that I edited for Post New York Alliance, the professional organization for feature film editing. Most were originally Zoom meetings that I edited into a branded presentation.

Podcast for Post New York Alliance- Post Break 42

"DuArt and the History of Independent Film"

I used Zoom ISO to provide isolated streams of each contributor, and then switched live with my ATEM Mini Extreme ISO, using the Mix Effect control software. I animated sequences of  images and titles and finshied the edit with Premiere Pro.

Post New York Alliance -

"The E&A Teams- Still Cutting" - EP. 49

This Post Break podcast explores the relationship between the editor and their assistant, how they work together, and how each role supports the other. We hear from two editors and their assistant editor teams: Katie Ennis and her assistant, Julie Kreinik, plus Shelly Westerman and her assistant, Payton Koch.

Post New York Alliance -

"Negotiate Pay Rate in Post Production" panelists discuss how to negotiate when interviewing for post production jobs. They provide insight, tips and tricks for when and how to negotiate pay, credits and working hours while being considered for a position on the post production crew. Several very helpful links are provided on the Vimeo page.

Post New York Alliance -

"Is Remote Post Production Here To Stay?"

This Post Break compares and contrasts the benefits of working remotely and in-person for Post Production. By speaking with a Post Supervisor, Editor, and VFX Supervisor, this conversation will attempt to answer whether remote working is just a fad, or if it’s here to stay and able to co-exist with in-person working. We will also touch on how remote working might affect the future of the Film industry as a whole.

Post New York Alliance -

"Celebrating Rebecca Hall's 'Passing' " - EP. 43

The Post New York Alliance hosted a virtual panel with post crew of Rebecca Hall’s “Passing” for Netflix to discuss the post production process on this poignant film. Panelists included: editor, Sabine Hoffman, sound supervisor, Jacob Ribicoff, and colorist, Roman Hankewycz. Gershon Hinkson, editor, moderated.

Post New York Alliance -

“Parents in Post” a look into finding the elusive balance between family and work life. The politics and taboo of when to share your personal information vs. what is legally required. The state laws and union protections for freelancers vs non-union and navigating "alone". This conversation consisted of 4 industry mothers who shared their stories and inspired those who wonder "How do they do it?"

Post New York Alliance -

"Mental Health & Well-Being in Post Production" - EP. 41

How is the post production industry addressing issues that affect employees’ mental health such as burn-out and life-work flow? What if we envisioned a resilient industry that truly values cooperation, community and crew retention? Production and media companies CAN foster healthy work environments that support the well-being of crew-members while effectively delivering quality content.

Post New York Alliance -

"E Waste Recycling"

PNYA is  on an e-waste journey lead by Diana Galka from the Department of Sanitation and Nicole Swient from the Lower Eastside Ecology Center. We delve into collection services, sorting processes and potential reuse for discarded items. Learn about e-waste's impact on the environment and surprising benefits for the community as well as tips that will help you do "the green thing."

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